Two Book Bundle-Vienna and Choice

Now in paperback! Two fast-paced, YA novels, ideal for reluctant readers and anyone looking for a wild weekend adventure! Ghosts, dragons, zombies, heartbreak, and cupcakes!

Vienna and Choice: Two Young Adult Novels


“Bring me the diamond that best suits me.”

Princess Vienna of Highest Guard does not want to marry. When the King allows her to set a task for her suitors, Vienna is convinced she’s outsmarted them all.

But when a warlock brings her a pearl instead of a diamond, Vienna is furious. Viciously sending him away, the mistreated warlock reacts by cursing her.

As if being a princess isn’t hard enough, now Vienna can see dead people.

Not just dead people. She is haunted by really sad, crying dead guys!

Totally ruining her life.

Vienna sets out to find the warlock and demand he take back the curse. Stuffed in a car with her father and two weepy ghosts, Vienna and her companions set out on a perilous adventure filled with magic, ghosts, dragons, and broken hearts.


Dragon Warriors, soldiers in the League of Dragons, train daily to hunt, battle, and kill supernatural creatures. Led by The Dragon and the necromancer he protects, the League strives to keep the balance between mankind and everything else.

            Choice is among them, and she is hunting.

            “Everything will be fine,” she told herself. “I will not let you die so easily.”

            This kind of monster is unlike anything she has ever seen before. It seems to be targeting people in the medical profession and has upside down crosses for irises. There’s only one thing to do. Kill it. However, life is complicated. Not only does killing it leave her with a survivor she can’t get rid of, but the monster is Fate. Her fiancé. 

            Killing it was what she’s trained for. Being left with a survivor whose post-traumatic stress seems to indicate that he can’t leave her side, is a problem.

            Followed by her new useless luggage, Choice is determined to get to the bottom of this new monster. Something, she will come to find, is easier said than done. She is sent on a gripping adventure that puts everything she thought she knew into question. Secrets unfold, and heartbreak ensues when the real battle Choice has to face begins.