Isabel Free PDF

Isabel Hawkins completely understands why a boy would not want her. She sleeps in the hayloft, rides horses, enjoys sword-fighting, and speaks her mind. Isabel is supposed to wed a nobleman, but instead she has fallen in love with Mathew, a stable boy with a wicked past. To others, Mathew is a nobody who wants to become a knight.

William Wentworth, master of the estate, is convinced by his malicious jousting partner, Sir John Scotch, that Isabel must immediately change her ways and begin acting like who she truly is: the adopted daughter of a nobleman. All Isabel wants to do is spend her life with Mathew. But when Sir John sends a spy to watch her every move, Isabel is forced into a world where everyone knows the secrets of her past, except her. As tragedy slowly unfolds, Isabel soon discovers no one can save her from her evil foes—not her family, a ghost, or any of the men who secretly love her.

In this medieval adventure, a woman willing to risk everything for true love is embroiled in a vicious battle between good and evil where her destiny is finally revealed.